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Line Management Solution

EasyLine, Schalter’s line management solution controls the flow of calls and service encounters an intelligent and automatic manner, by measuring and coordinating lines. A complete and dynamic solution in managing waiting rooms and customer service.

It allows the organization to offer a highly effective service and it can identify and adjust, in real time, points for improvement in the service process, through statistical information that the system generates.

The EasyLine software of service management can be configured and expanded according to every need, thus enabling simple, local and corporate solutions, interconnected in a network of numerous establishments.

Schalter also offers a cloud infrastructure ready for EasyLine, providing stability, ease and a great cost/benefit relation for your clients. The application can be used in various types of businesses, where there are customer service rooms, such as, for example: 

* Available only in Brazil.

Benefits for Clients

  • The waiting environment is pleasant and organized
  • Service provided with quality
  • Organization and improvement of information
  • Personalized service
  • Priority in service (elderly, pregnant women, disabled persons, among others)
  • Reduction in waiting time
  • Indication of estimated time to service encounter

Benefits for the company

  • Remote management
  • Fully modular/customizable solution
  • Indication of estimated time to service encounter
  • Dynamic access to information on the service encounter, locally as well as regionally
  • Immediate notices for actions to be taken
  • Analysis of statistical data for proactive actions
  • Improvement of the institution’s image
  • Improvement in communication with the customer
  • Improvement in human resources
  • Increased productivity


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