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Payment Solution

Schalter’s Payment Solution (EasyPay) is a base architecture in Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) and enables the provision of payment services using debit or credit cards in self-service terminals, taking convenience and practicality to the user.

This solution is developed to meet the specific needs of clients and can be applied to sales (reloading cellphones, parking tickets, purchasing tickets, selling insurance, etc.), such as consulting debits (monthly payments, electric bill, paying bills, etc.).

EasyPay also allows you to pay debits after reading the barcode of a bank bill, without needing to consult the database of the service providing company.

* Available only in Brazil.


The EasyPay architecture has some concepts that make the product easy to accept, safe and dynamic. Among the main concepts are:

• Simple use and operation

• Independent of the EFT provider (Currently approved with Software Express and Linx)

• Business rules under client’s control


• Windows and Linux.

• It is a WEB application and so can be run in a Windows as well as Linux environment. The application is run on a browser approved by the W3C Consortium.


• Encrypted electronic transactions;

• Automatic cancellation of the Proof of Payment in the case of problems during the transaction (Ex. Loss of link, energy shortage, etc.).


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