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For some time the modernization of retail establishments has accompanied the technological development of society. The most demanding and prepared consumer to connect with all these new equipment. In this sense, when talking about technologies for supermarkets, stand out self-service terminals, known as Self Checkouts.

These equipments present a new perspective for the buying process. Consumers are more connected and aware to using technologies like these. Supermarket chains, on the other hand, take advantage of this perspective of behavior change precisely to boost their operations and, consequently, contact with customers. In addition, they impact on the degree of satisfaction of them, providing a "win-win" relationship by also increasing market competitiveness.

Schalter, through its portfolio, features two Self Checkout models. The first is part of the premium line, most complete and robust equipment capable of serving all the needs of a large supermarket chain. The second is part of the standard line, simpler but equally efficient. Products that, when competing with other brands, have superiority in terms of Quality, Efficiency and Trust. Both models were developed in partnership with Toshiba.